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October 2023 | Issue 22

"Between yesterday's mistakes & tomorrow's hope, there is a fantastic opportunity called...Today. Live it! Love it! The day is yours!"

What a great Conference!

"This is my first time attending, and after finding out this is only the 2nd year, I am so impressed with the organization and professionalism! I’d have thought this conference was going on for years. Great job to all those who have dedicated their time and resources to help Alberta tax professionals. Thank you!!"

These are the comments that confirm that we are on the right track! Thank you to everyone who attended and we trust that you learned something and made new friends.

Thank you again to our 2023 Conference Committee volunteers - Trinity Hindes, Bailee Boulet, Caroline Siverson, Charlene Byrne & Alyssa Wonnick.


2024 Conference - River Cree Resort & Casino, Edmonton

September 18 - 20, 2024

Mentorship Program

AMTPA is excited to announce our Mentorship Program is up and running, available to all members of the Association!

We are looking forward to recruiting Mentors who are interested in supporting their colleagues.

The roles and responsibilities of a Mentor are to:

  • Obtain written consent from supervisor to participate in the program as a Mentor
  • Meet all standards required of Mentors as set out in the Mentor Application Agreement which is to be approved by the Board of Directors prior to accepting Mentees
  • Provide advice and coaching to Mentees
  • Clearly communicate expectations and boundaries
  • Be available to Mentees during mutually agreed meeting times
  • Actively engage with Mentees during scheduled meeting times
  • Maintain a positive and welcoming environment for other Mentors and Mentees within the program
  • Maintain balance between personal workload and Mentorship engagements

If you’re up for a challenge, looking to grow your network, or interested in expanding your leadership skills, we want you!

If you have questions or comments about the program, please email

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Meet your NEW Board of Directors

The Board of Directors was appointed at the 2023 Annual General Meeting and we are excited to move forward. The 2023 Board consists of (L-R back row) Bethann Lavigne (Director of Membership), Roxane Preedin (Director of Education), Charlene Byrne (Director), Linda Bauer (Treasurer), Alyssa Wonnick (Auditor), Caroline Siverson (Executive Assistant); (L-R front row) Bailee Boulet (Director of Communication), Trinity Hindes (Secretary), Denise Schmaltz (President), Cianna Forseille (Vice-President) and Angela Smith (Auditor).

Normally we would host a webinar in November, however we have postponed further education until the New Year while we transition to the Board members. Please feel free to send any ideas to

Denise Schmaltz, City of Medicine Hat

President of AMTPA

Denise Schmaltz works for the City of Medicine Hat as the Manager of Customer Care and Billing. She has 25 years of municipal experience in collections and customer care for utility billing, taxation and general accounts receivable.

Denise grew up as a small town Saskatchewan girl. She worked in Lethbridge for 10 years prior to settling in Medicine Hat for the past 25 years.


Denise enjoys spending time with family and friends, either with outdoor activities, cooking, hosting functions, travelling, and listens to a broad genre of music. She volunteers with a number of community groups, her favourite being JDRF Canada who is a leading organization in funding research for Type 1 Diabetes for youth. She also serves on various advisory committees through her City of Medicine Hat role and is a member of her church Building Committee for visioning, future growth and future projects.

Denise’s favourite role is being a mom. She is found being the sponsor, driver and cheerleader for her 16 year old son’s basketball pursuits and enjoys spending time with her 21 year old daughter.

Denise joined the association because she is passionate about sharing information, supporting and collaborating with other municipalities for best practices, municipal benchmarks, succession planning, consistency and simplicity. She is a strong advocate for encouraging training opportunities that improve and enhance staff development. She is looking forward to watching the association and its members grow in knowledge and collaboration.

Sharing Corner

School Support Declaration

Hello AMTPA members,

I recently consulted with BrownLee LLP regarding the interpretation of the Education Act, specifically under section 149(2). I sought clarity on whether municipalities are required to send a school declaration form directly to the transferee (new property owner) or merely inform them of their option to obtain the form to declare themselves. more....

Bylaw Newsletter: Tax Collection

Due to the limited means that municipalities have to raise the funds necessary for their operations, the collection of taxes has always been of the utmost importance to municipalities. This reality is reflected in the tax collection scheme set out in the Municipal Government Act, RSA 2000, c. M-26 (“MGA”), as amended. more...

Casual Legal: Transferring Requests for Information to another Public Body

The Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act (the “Act”) contemplates that a request for access to information (a “Request”) may be transferred from one public body to another in certain circumstances. more...

Learn from other Municipalities to advance Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

Register today for an online discussion and information sharing with municipal staff and elected officials who are actively working on or are interested in learning how to advance diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) in their municipal organization and community.

Join this free meeting from 10:30 a.m. to 12:00 p.m. on November 1, 2023 to connect and build relationships with individuals from other municipalities where you can learn about their successes and challenges to promote DEI within their workplace and community.

Participation is limited to municipal elected officials and municipal staff from any level in the organization.

In addition to our networking discussion, if you are looking to attend an inclusion-related conference, note that the City of Kamloops is hosting a Municipal IDEA Conference in Kamloops on November 27 - 28, 2023.

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Membership Benefits

  • Reduced rates for municipalities that register more than one employee
  • Free bi-monthly webinars
  • Financial System User Groups
  • Lower Conference Registration Fees
  • Members only access on
  • NEW! Mentorship Program

Is there more that we can offer? We would encourage any ideas be forwarded to and we will work towards meeting your needs!

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Membership Renewals are due January 1, 2024!

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