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November 2022 | Issue 14

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Year End Processes

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2023 Conference

The 2023 Conference will be held September 21 & 22 and may be extended, depending upon the 2022 Survey results and the planning committee decisions. If you have any further ideas that you would like share please email

We will keep you all updated as decisions are being made!

The 2023 Conference Committee will consist of 

Alyssa Wonnick, City of Airdrie

Trinity Hines, Lac St. Anne County

Shelby Lemke, Strathcona County

Caroline Siverson, Kneehill County SECRETARY

Bailee Boulet, Town of Brooks DIRECTOR

Charlene Byrne, Northern Sunrise County DIRECTOR

Member Spotlight

Caroline has worked in municipal government for 21 years and is currently the Property Tax Officer for Kneehill County. For 9 years, Caroline has built her position to include all property tax related duties, manages the utility billing system, completes monthly bank reconciliations, quarterly GST filing and all things related to the insurance portfolio.

Caroline lives in Hanna with her husband and in her spare time loves to read and create quilts for family and friends. She has four grandchildren ages 5-14 and has enjoyed having her parents living across town for the first time in all her married years. Weekly coffee with Mom & Dad is a brand new experience and a wonderful addition to her daily life. Caroline and her husband, Terry, love to camp during the summer with family and friends and travel to different places when time and funds allow.

"I joined the Association as I found there was little support for our positions. There are so many aspects of our positions that require careful steps to take in order to ensure that the legislation is followed accurately. I hope that our Association is able to help those people in tax positions, both new and old, to find supports when needed. I also hope that we can build an educational program in order to offer professional designation to ensure that we are recognized for the responsibility that we have."

Caroline is the Secretary of the AMTPA Board of Directors and looks after the website and newsletters (weird talking about myself!).

Membership Directory

To enhance our Members Directory we are looking for your input on what you would like to search for when looking for another member to reach out too.  This information would be a field that members would update in their Profile.

For example, if your municipality passes Supplementary levies, Business Improvement Levies, Subclass Tax Class 1, or Subclass Tax Class 2 bylaws we can list those features for you in your profile and you would select what all applies. Using that information should allow us to custom build the Membership Directory so you can search on those items and it’ll pull up the members who checked that off. This would provide a list for members to email directly, other members for support or inquiries.

Please email for any subjects you’d like to have added to searchable fields in the Membership Profiles to help find commonalities amongst each other.

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Question Forum

Can you help Darla with her question?

We are adding a policy for Tax Agreements for Tax Recovery properties, and hoping that someone could share what their municipality has?

Go to the Question Forum to provider her some details and to check out the other questions

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Job Postings

The AMTPA job bank is available to all municipalities when seeking an educated and experienced candidate to support their growing organization.

This service is available to all municipal entities within Alberta for the low cost of $50 per listing. Each listing is posted on our website and promoted in our member newsletter.

Instructions on How to Post a Position:

  • Write a short position description

  • Upload a PDF with the full job description

Each posting will require a separate registration process

For questions related to job postings, please contact

Please note that positions will be posted on the website for a one-month duration or to the date of closing.

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