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January 2023 | Issue 16

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Welcome to 2023! We are sure everyone is swamped with year end duties.  Look to your colleagues if you need some help. Check the website for tools that may help. Don't stress, stay calm and carry on!


Bring your coffee and meet us at the upcoming Webinar

January 18 at 10am

Overview of the Tax Notification Process

In preparation for the upcoming March 31 Tax Notification deadline, we have brought back two presenters from Municipal Affairs (MA) to give us an overview.

The presentation will be about 45 minutes with 15 minutes open to the floor for questions and discussion.

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Its a New Year and our first renewal period with the website! We thank you for your patience, especially if you have received more emails than you would like! We are working our way through the process and hope that 2024 will be seamless.

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For example, if your municipality passes Supplementary levies, Business Improvement Levies, Subclass Tax Class 1, or Subclass Tax Class 2 bylaws we can list those features for you in your profile and you would select what all applies. Using that information should allow us to custom build the Membership Directory so you can search on those items and it’ll pull up the members who checked that off. This would provide a list for members to email directly, other members for support or inquiries.

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  • The Land and Property Rights Tribunal (formerly the Municipal Government Board) is responsible for delivering Assessment Review Board (ARB) and Subdivision and Development Appeal Boards (SDABs) Member and Clerk certification training.

    Registration for 2023 ARB and SDAB training courses is now open, subject to demand. Please refer to the LPRT Website for course information including upcoming course dates and the registration form.

    Courses are now only offered through online sessions.

    To register, please complete a registration form and forward to

    Any questions with respect to the registration process or program content should be directed to the Land and Property Rights Tribunal at 780-427-2444, or by email to

2023 Conference


The 2023 Conference will be held September 20-22, 2023 with a full day of Tax Recovery! This event will be held in Red Deer at the Red Deer Resort & Casino!

Watch for updates in the newsletters!

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Member Spotlight

We would like to introduce Bailee Boulet. Bailee works for the City of Brooks as the Property Tax & Assessment Clerk. She has been there for a mere 3½ years. In her spare time, she loves to camp in the mountains and do some dirt biking and quadding with friends and family.

"I joined AMTPA for the opportunity to learn from a group of experienced professionals. AMTPA provides me a unique chance to network and learn the ins and outs of how Property Tax and Assessment works across Alberta. I am very excited to be a part of this organization and can’t wait to grow along with it!"

Bailee has been appointed our Director of Communications and she is part of the planning committee for the 2023 Conference.

Information Sharing

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Job Postings


Strathcona County is hiring!

Check out the Job Posting here

The AMTPA job bank is available to all municipalities when seeking an educated and experienced candidate to support their growing organization.

This service is available to all municipal entities within Alberta for the low cost of $50 per listing. Each listing is posted on our website and promoted in our member newsletter.

Instructions on How to Post a Position:

  • Write a short position description

  • Upload a PDF with the full job description

Each posting will require a separate registration process

For questions related to job postings, please contact

Please note that positions will be posted on the website for a one-month duration or to the date of closing.

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